Unlocking the Power of Body Language: Why It Matters for Success


Body language can help us figure out what a person is really saying and help us understand them better. It helps us understand the feelings and moods of other people and makes us more aware of how they react to what we say and do.

Communication is impossible without nonverbal behaviour. Dr Albert Mehrabian’s studies show that 55% of theĀ conversation is done through facial expressions, body language, and posture. In the same way, only 38% of communication is done through tone, and only 7% is done through real words.

We need to know how to read body language because confident, friendly, and sincere body language shows how excited or committed someone is and how excited or committed they are. Positive body language at work shows that you are a team player who works well with others and knows how to talk to them.

The Power of Body Language

Body Language That Isn’t Good

Negative body language includes things like a bad stance, not making direct eye contact, barriers, too much space between people, sweating, frowning, being stiff, covering the mouth, touching or fixing hair, and making too many motions. Every one of these moves shows a different emotion.

According to Psychology Today, body language is like a quiet orchestra. People always give hints about what they are thinking and feeling. They also say that most actions that don’t involve words do have a point. Many nonverbal cues are built in, but others can be seen as self-soothing or freeze reactions.

We are social animals that have evolved to show what we feel, think, and want. So, a person’s body language can tell you just as much, if not more, about how they feel than their words.


Utilising the Loop

Body language has been around longer than we have, and it has a role that is pretty much the same everywhere. But, not everything we say about our bodies happens with everyone.

Closed body language is another name for body language that isn’t good.

We should all be aware that different hand motions can mean very different things depending on where you live. Men and women are also different in ways that stand out, especially when one is trying to attract the other.

Even though we are all different, our bodies reveal a lot about our inner thoughts and feelings, and we also learn a lot from the body language and behaviour of other people.

Like spoken language, this language isn’t just between people. We constantly talk to ourselves, and so do our bodies. Through embodied cognition, our feelings, moods, and thoughts are shaped by the signals from our bodies.

It seems that the way we feel emotions isn’t limited to just our brains. There are parts of our bodies that help and support the feelings we’re having.

Mastering the Art of Reading Body Language

Michael Lewis

A lot of what we do is based on this loop of behavior and thought. The things we do and say change the way we think, and those thoughts lead to feelings that affect our bodies.

By learning to “hack” this loop, we can choose the best thoughts and feelings for the moment and show the right body language to those around us.

How is the way you move differently from what you say? And how might it be changing the way you think?


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