Triumph through Perseverance: Inspiring IAS Success Stories

Striving for success may sound simple in words, but putting it into practice requires immense courage. Every year, numerous candidates attempt the civil services exams, but only a select few manage to clear both the exam and interview. Furthermore, the number of available seats is limited, making it even more challenging to secure a position.

However, despite the odds, there are a handful of individuals who triumph over adverse circumstances and achieve success in the Indian Administrative Services (IAS). In this article, we present a few inspiring examples of such IAS success stories.

IAS Success Story 1 | Shivguru Prabhakaran

Shivguru PrabhakaranShivguru Prabhakaran’s journey is a testament to unwavering determination. Initially aspiring to become an engineer, he had to forego engineering counseling due to his family’s financial constraints. Undeterred, he persevered and eventually earned a degree in M.Tech. from IIT Madras, securing an impressive rank of 101 in the UPSC exam.

With his father struggling with alcoholism, the responsibility of supporting the family fell on his mother and sister. During the period when he couldn’t pursue engineering, Shivguru worked tirelessly to contribute to the family’s finances and managed to save a meager amount for his own expenses.

In 2008, he embarked on his civil service preparation journey, driven by his younger brother’s dream of becoming an engineer and his elder sister’s wedding. Balancing coaching classes on weekends, Shivguru would sleep at Saint Thomas railway station and work at a mobile shop to supplement his income.

He not only secured admission to IIT for M.Tech. but also cleared the UPSC exam on his fourth attempt. Shivguru’s story demonstrates that when one possesses a strong desire to achieve something, they pave their own path. Setting ambitious goals and working diligently towards them is key to overcoming life’s obstacles.

Embracing Struggle: The Pathway to Life’s Triumphs

IAS Success Story 2 | Muhammad Ali Shihab

gkgyan-muhammad-ali-shihabMuhammad Ali Shihab, who cleared the civil services exam in 2011, grew up in an orphanage. Born into a poverty-stricken family in Edavannappara village near Kondotty, he assisted his father in selling bamboo baskets. Tragically, he was sent to an orphanage the day after his father’s demise in 1919.

In the orphanage, he even covered the table lamp’s bulb with a bedsheet at night to ensure his roommate faced no inconveniences. Shihab meticulously crafted a study timetable, promptly sleeping after meals and waking up at night to pursue his education. It was his unwavering passion that led him to become an IAS officer.

IAS Success Story 3 | Govind Jaiswal

gkgyan-govind-jaiswalGovind Jaiswal achieved an impressive 47th rank in his first attempt at the IAS Exam. Born and raised in a modest home in Banaras, he lived in a one-room house with his parents and three sisters. The absence of an educational environment and resources did not deter him. To pursue his studies, Govind started giving tuitions from a young age, yet the thought of becoming an IAS officer hadn’t even crossed his mind.

One day, while playing with other children, he visited a boy’s house, where the boy’s father made a derogatory remark, stating that regardless of how much Govind studied, he would only end up driving a rickshaw. This comment ignited a fire within Govind, compelling him to do something that would earn respect for himself and his family.

Despite studying in a government school surrounded by noise from generators and other distractions, Govind persevered. He would even read under streetlights when there was no power at

home. His father sold his land to support Govind’s IAS preparation, providing him with Rs. 40,000 to pursue his dreams in Delhi. Govind’s hard work paid off when he secured the 48th rank among the 474 successful candidates in the Civil Services Examination of 2006.

IAS Success Story 4 | Jai Ganesh

gkgyan-jaiganeshJai Ganesh hails from an ordinary family in Tamil Nadu. His father worked in a factory, and financial struggles plagued the household. With a meager monthly income of just 4500 rupees, Jai Ganesh, being the eldest among his siblings, faced significant responsibilities.

He completed his schooling up to the 8th standard in a village school and later pursued polytechnic studies. Jai Ganesh consistently excelled academically and topped his class. He achieved an impressive 91% in polytechnic and subsequently graduated in mechanical engineering in 2000.

In search of better opportunities, Jai Ganesh moved to Bangalore and secured a job with a meager monthly income of 2500 rupees. However, witnessing the plight of people in rural areas sparked a desire within him to become an IAS officer. He decided to leave his job and return to his village.

Supported by his father’s financial assistance, Jai Ganesh made several attempts at the IAS exam. Despite initially failing to clear the prelims in his first two attempts, he persevered. He managed to gain admission to a government IAS coaching program in Chennai, where he received meals and support from the coaching institute.

However, after completing the exam, he had to vacate his room. Jai Ganesh worked as a hotel clerk and even served food to make ends meet. Despite facing years of failure, he never gave up. In his eighth and final attempt, he achieved an impressive rank of 156th.

Jai Ganesh’s story serves as a powerful reminder that those who persist in the face of failure create history, while others merely read about it.

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