Engaging and Inspirational Moral Stories for Students


Friends, we have brought the three moral stories for you. These stories are meant to guide you on your journey towards your goals. Let’s dive into them:

The Honest Teacher
In a city lived a man named Ramanuj, who made a living as a teacher. One day, while he was on his way to school, his wife expressed her concerns about their limited food supply. They only had a fistful of rice left at home. Ramanuj glanced at his wife and continued walking without saying a word.

When he returned home in the evening, he found a plate of boiled rice and herbs for their meal. Curious, he asked his wife, “What is this delicious herb made of?”

His wife replied, “When you asked about food in the morning, your gaze fell upon the tamarind tree. I made the herb from its leaves.”

Ramanuj, filled with confidence, said, “If a herb made from tamarind leaves can be so tasty, then we need not worry about food.” Soon after, one of the wealthy men in the city learned about Ramanuj’s poverty. He visited Ramanuj’s house and invited him to stay in the city center. However, Ramanuj declined the offer.

Surprised, the rich man folded his hands and said, “You are a teacher, showing the right path to your students. It is not fair for you to live like this. Tell me, what do you need?”

Ramanuj responded, “Only my wife can explain our current situation.” The rich man then asked the same question to Ramanuj’s wife, who replied, “We lack nothing at the moment. Our clothes are not so torn that we cannot wear them, and our house is not so broken that we need to abandon it. As long as I have these bangles on my hands, I lack nothing. Even with limited resources, satisfaction brings true bliss.” The rich man understood their perspective and decided to embrace a simpler life as well.


The Clever Goat
There once was a farmer who owned many goats. His daily routine involved grazing the goats throughout the day and then returning home to provide them water from the well. In front of his house, there were two wells—one with water and the other dried up. Both wells were situated a short distance away.

Among the goats, there was one particularly mischievous goat. One day, all the goats gathered, and the farmer began to give them water. However, the naughty goat, after not drinking any water, jumped into the dry well. It believed it would find water there.

The farmer was at a loss for what to do. He tried everything he could, but to no avail. He called upon the villagers for help, but their efforts were also in vain. Meanwhile, the goat continued to cry out in distress, causing the farmer great anguish.

Finally, they collectively decided to bury the well with soil, freeing the goat from its suffering. As they started the process, the goat realized what was happening and cleverly stood on top of the soil, jumping out of the well when it had risen enough. The goat saved its own life through its ingenuity.

Every Law of God is Auspicious

Once, a farmer became very angry with God. He exclaimed, “Lord, you are incredible! Sometimes you bring floods, other times drought, and occasionally hail. Each time, the crops suffer due to various reasons.”

The farmer challenged God, saying, “You seem to have no knowledge of farming. Give me control over the weather for a year, and I will show you how to store food grains.”

God smiled and said, “Alright, I will grant you your wish. I will not interfere with the weather.” The farmer was overjoyed

and began cultivating a wheat crop, manipulating the weather as he desired. When sunlight was needed, it appeared; when water was required, it rained. Hailstorms were averted, and the crops thrived. The farmer was delighted with the abundant harvest.

In his mind, the farmer thought, “Now God will see how farming is done.” Strangely, calamities continued to afflict the farmer. Although the crops ripened perfectly, he was shocked to find that each ear of wheat was empty. There was not a single grain inside.

Heartbroken, the farmer asked God, “Lord, what happened?”

God replied, “This was bound to happen. You didn’t allow the plants to struggle. They were not exposed to the scorching sun, nor did they face the challenges brought by storms or hail. Just as gold needs to undergo heating, hammering, and melting before it transforms into beautiful jewelry, the plants needed to face hardships to become strong and bear fruit.”

We hope you find these moral stories insightful and meaningful.



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