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GK Tricks in Hindi, GK Short Tricks, PDF Download

GK Short Cut Trick in Hindi, GK Tricks, PDF Download


TRICK:-(सीधा नीचे उतरकर उसकी तो)

सी=सीमा कर
नी=निगम कर
उतरकर=उतराधिकारी कर
=उपहार कर
=संपति कर
की=कृषि धन पर कर


TRICK:(भुषा बिक्री मानो स्टांप पथकर मोवा)

भुषा=भु-राजस्व कर
बिक्री=बिक्री कर
मानो=मनोरँजन कर
स्टांप=स्टांप कर
मोवा=मोटरवाहन कर

G-20 Members

TRICK -- GURUJI(गुरुजी) SITA(सीता) AB(अब) SSC FCI ME(में) जाँव करती है

G-- Germany
R-- Russia
U-- UK
J-- Japan
I-- India
S-- South Africa
I-- Indonesia
T-- Turkey
A-- Australia
A-- Argentina
B-- Brazil
S-- Saudi Arabia
S-- South Korea
C-- Canada
F-- France
C-- China
I-- Italy
M-- Mexico
E-- European Union
जाँव करती है -- silent words

अकबर के शासन काल के प्रमुख गायक

:--- बैजू (का) बारात
बैजूबैजू बाबरे
रारामदास {बाबा रामदास}

GK Tricks

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Meet CBSE topper Sukriti Gupta: Check her percentage here!

The CBSE topper, Sukriti Gupta has bagged the number one position with flying colours. She has scored 99.04 per cent in the exam.
Talking to India Today Education team, Sukriti's cousin, Neha Agarwal, says, "I'm very proud of her. I am glad that she has achieved the number one rank in All India Results."
Who is Sukriti?
  • She studied at Mont Fort school, Ashok Vihar
  • Her father is an IAS officer
  • She is an National Talent Search Exam, NTSE, scholar
  • She is taking JEE Main exam and other competitive exams this year.
Words of appreciation from her proud father, Rakesh Gupta: 
  • "She has been a bright student all along, we were expecting her to score well"
  • "It is all her sheer hard-work, which earned her the title of all India topper."
What's her Success Mantra?
  • "Sukriti didn't miss a single class, she is a very punctual students," says her father
  • "She has been skipping holidays for last two year, just to prepare the best for the boards"
  • "Nowadays, coaching plays a vital role in shaping student's knowledge and skills, " he said. 
This year, the girls have surpassed boys with the pass percentage of 88.58, while the boys have scored 78.85 percentage.
Over all pass percentage of Thiruvanathapuram region is 97.61, which is the highest as compared to other regions, followed by Chennai which is 92.63 per cent. (Click here to check the results)
The CBSE results were declared ahead of time. Earlier, the board was supposed to declare the results at 12 noon, but the results were released around 10 am. 
In order to check the results, the candidates should visit the official website and click on the link 'CBSE Class 12 Results 2016'. Thereafter, the candidates should enter their roll numbers and name of the school. After submitting the same, the results will appear on the screen.  
Also, the candidates can access the results through SMS and IVRS. This year, a total of 1065179 candidates were registered for the Class 12 examination.
Source: .indiatoday

Monday, 29 February 2016

GK Questions for SSC CGL 2016 - Daily GK Updates for Staff Selection Commission. Prepare for SSC Tier 1 Exam 2016

GK Questions for SSC CGL 2016 - Daily GK Updates for Staff Selection Commission. Prepare for SSC Tier 1 Exam 2016

According to census 2011 what is the population density of India

Census 2011 is the _____ census of India
What is the Male and Female Literacy rate?
Male- 82.14%, Female- 65.46%
Which India Union Territory has highest sex ratio?
According to Census 2011 which Indian state has highest fertility rate?
What is the population growth rate of India in Census 2011?
Which state has highest population in India?
Uttar Pradesh
What is the female sex ratio against 1000 male?
914 females
Which Indian state has low literacy rate with 63.82%?
According to Census 2011, India has the _____ % of World’s population?
Which Union Territory has Lowest population with the Population of 64,429?
According to Census 2011, which state has lowest rural population?
What is the total number districts in India as per census 2011?
Which state has highest urban population?
Which Union Territory has highest literacy rate?
Lakshadweep (92.9)
According to Census 2011 which is the most populated district?
State with lowest population density?
Arunachal Pradesh
State with highest population density?
According to Census 2011, which state has highest rural population?
Uttar Pradesh
Which state has highest literacy rate?
Kerala (93.91%)
Who is the 2011 Census Commissioner of India?
C. Chandramouli
What is the total literacy rate of India?
Male and Female literacy rate of India as per Census 2011
Male- 82.14%, Female- 65.46%
Which Union Territory has lowest literacy rate?
Dadar and Nagar Haveli
State with highest sex ratio?
Kerala (1084/1000)
State with lowest sex ratio?

1. Who was appointed as the President and Managing Director of General Motors India?
a)    Arvind Saxena
b)    Stefan Jacoby
c)    Kaher Kazem
d)    Zuber Ahmed
e)    None of these
Answer : C
2. Name the bill that was passed by Rajya sabha provides for filing of cheque bounce cases at the place where a cheque is presented for clearance and not the place of issue?
a)    Negotiable Instruments Act Bill 2015
b)    The Banking laws Bill 2015
c)    The  Indian Stamp Bill,2015
d)    The Prevention of Money Laundering Bill,2015
e)    None of these
Answer : A
3. Which state becomes the first state of India to join UDAY Scheme?
a)    Jharkhand
b)    Andhra Pradesh
c)    Rajasthan
d)    Gujarat
e)    Punjab
Answer : B
4. Name the political coalition that won Venezuelan parliamentary election?
a)    Democratic Unity Roundtable
b)    United Socialist party of Venezuela
c)    Communist party of Venezuela
d)    Fatherland for all
e)    None of these
Answer : A
5. Pune and Rajkot became the interim franchises in Indian Premier League (IPL) till 2017. Name the company that owns Pune Franchise?
a)    New Rising
b)     Intex Mobiles
c)    Chettinad cements
d)    Axis Clinicals
e)    None of these
Answer : A
6. Vyachakurahalli village became first smokeless village in the country. Identify the state to which it belongs to?
a)    Karnataka
b)    Telengana
c)    Kerala
d)    Tamil Nadu
e)    Madhya Pradesh
Answer : A
7. The International Volunteer Day was observed on?
a)    Dec 2
b)    Dec 5
c)    Dec 3
d)    Dec 4
e)    Dec 7
Answer : B
8. When is the World Soil day Observed?
a)    Dec 2
b)    Dec 3
c)    Dec 4
d)    Dec 5
e)    Dec 7
Answer : D
9. Who is the current Union Environment Minister?
a)    Jayant Sinha
b)    Prakash Jawadekar
c)    Ananth Kumar
d)    Ananth Geete
e)    None of these
Answer : B
10. Which state launched the international Festival on Birds in a bid to promote state as an International bird watching destination?
a)    Bihar
b)    Delhi
c)    Uttar Pradesh
d)    Haryana
e)    Maharashtra
Answer : C

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