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We are open to share your pdf notes on our website with your name and details.

You can share your article with us, and we will publish this after checking the quality of your article. So try to send with reference images if you have but these images should not be copied from other websites.

You can pdf notes related to general knowledge in any subject, current affairs, syllabus, previsous year test papers, hand written notes, typed written notes etc. You can see some posts for your reference.

So we have mentioned some points for quality post and conditions:
1. Your article should be new and unique. It should not be copied from other websites. We will not post any article copied from other sites.
You can use website to check this.
2. Review of any product or items are not allowed. We will not publish such articles.
3. Use simple English or hindi language.
4. The topic of the same article should not have already been published on our site.
5. Article should be completed. We will not publish any incomplete article.
6. Once we will publish your article, you cannot publish this on any other website.
7. We will not remove article after publishing on our blog. It will depend on us whether we want to keep it on our blog or want to remove.

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