Saturday, May 01, 2021

Moral Stories for Students

Friends, we are sharing 3 Hindi stories with you in New Moral Stories in Hindi. This Hindi story Hindi Kahaniya will help to take you towards your goal.

The Honest Teacher

There was a man named Ramanuj in a city. He used to do the work of teaching and this was his way of living. One day when he was going to school, his wife said, "How will the food be made at home today." There is only one fistful of rice in the house. Ramanuj took a look at his wife and saw and walked without saying anything.


When he came back in the evening, he saw some boiled rice and herbs in the plate during the meal. Seeing this, he said to his wife, "What is this delicious herb made of?"

When I asked you about food in the morning, your eyesight went towards the tamarind tree. I have made herb from the same leaf… .the wife replied.

Ramanuj said with utmost confidence that if the herb of tamarind leaves is so tasty then we have no worry about food. Meanwhile, when one of the rich men of the city came to know about Ramanuj poverty, he himself came to his house and asked him to stay in the central city. But Ramanuj refused.


The rich man was very surprised at this and he folded his hands and said that you teach students. Show them the proper path and if you stay like this then it is not fair. You tell me what you need.

Ramanuj said on this, now only my wife can tell the condition of this. Now the rich man asked the same question to Ramanuj wife, then he replied, "We do not have any kind of absence right now." Right now our clothes are not torn so much that they cannot be worn.

The house is not so broken that it can be left and I cannot lack anything as long as the bangles on my hands are safe and life becomes blissful if there is a feeling of satisfaction even in limited resources. The rich man understood this and after that, he too started living a simple life.




The Clever Goat

Once upon a time. Was a farmer. He raked a lot of goats. This was his business. There were two wells in front of his house. One well had water, while one well had dried up.


Both of them where only a short distance away. He used to graze goats throughout the day and then on returning home, drained water from the same well and fed the goats.


One of them was very naughty. Once upon a time all the goats came to a halt and after that, they fed them water from the farmer, but that naughty goat jumped into the dry well after not drinking water. Now, after falling in the well, she shouted loudly. She felt that she would drink water from it comfortably.


Now the Farmers could not understand what to do. He tried a lot on his behalf, but he could not succeed. Then he called the other people of the village, everyone tried everything, but nothing came out.


On the other hand, the goat was screaming tearing the throat. The farmer was suffering a lot due to his condition. In the end, it was unanimously decided that the goat should be buried by putting soil in this well so that it would be freed from this suffering. Now the same thing started to be done.


Now when the goat saw that the people were burying him, his senses flew away. She stopped screaming and the winning bar was earthed on her, she would sweep it and stand on top of it.


The trick of the goat started to work. In a while, she came up quite a lot, and then she jumped and left the well… thus the goat saved her life by her ingenuity.


Every Law of God is Auspicious

Once a farmer became very angry with God. He said, "Lord, you are amazing too. Sometimes you bring floods, sometimes drought, or sometimes hail. Every time the crop gets spoiled due to some of the other reasons. "


He then said, "Lord, you think there is no information about farming. You do one thing, give me a chance a year. I can change the weather as I want, then see how I store food grains. "


God smiled and said, "Okay, now you will be what you want." I will not interfere in the weather. "The farmer was very happy with this and he said wheat crop.


Handled the weather according to his own. When required sunshine was found and when water was needed, water was found. The hail did not let the storm come, the crop grew with time and the farmer was very happy because his crop was very good.


The farmer said in his mind, "Now God will know how to do farming." Inexplicably, they continue to harass the farmers. The crop ripened over time. The crop was very good.


The farmer was very happy. He went to harvest with great pride, but as soon as he went to harvest, he was shocked. There was not single wheat inside the earring. All the earrings were empty inside.


He was very sad and said to God, "Lord, what happened? "


Then God said, "It was bound to happen." You did not allow the plants to struggle at all. Neither did he allow them to cook in the scorching sun, nor let the storm hail them. He did not even let them face challenges. That is why all the plants remained hollow. Even before gold becomes kundan, he has to go through selections like heating, beating with a hammer, melting, and then his golden aura emerges which makes him perfect. "


Tell us how you liked the new moral stories.


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