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The Moby Duck: Biggest Mystery of the Ocean World

Have you ever heard of Moby-Duck, which was seen on the coast of different countries of the world for many years?


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But before that, I want to tell you some news, because this news is also indirectly related to the Moby Duck.

There are around 50,000 cargo ships in the world. Those who travel day and night in Import Export. And some of these cargo ships are not large but very large. Whose capacity is up to 24,000 containers?


Evergreen is one of the world's 10 largest cargo ships. And this greatness sometimes causes trouble. Recently the ship was passing through Suez Canal. Then the strong winds made the ship rotate so much that both its ends were stuck in the Suez Canal. As you can see in the photos. Experts are trying their best to get it out. It is stuck in such a way that neither a cargo ship can go nor move here.


The problem is that the place it is stuck in is the main route for cargo ships coming to Asia and Europe. Thousands of cargo ships pass through there daily. About an hour after its harvest, around 120 cargo ships were standing in waiting. And due to this, the business is losing about 300 million pounds every hour. Talking about daily, there is a loss of $ 9.6 billion every day.


And at the same time, the Suez Canal Authority is also incurring a daily loss of $ 14 million.


This ship laden with 20,000 containers is so heavy that it could be rotated only 30 degrees after only so much effort.


And after nearly a week of hard work, finally, this ship was straightened and it started its way forward.


Now there is an interesting fact here that you may have ever heard.


And that this ship was called Evergreen Marine Corporation. The company operates. This is the same company whose 28,000 rubber bath toys flowed into the seawater from a cargo ship in the year 1992. These toys included red beavers, green frog blue turtles, and yellow ducks. For many years, they swam in the seawater, and when these toys flowed in water, they reached the edge of different countries of the world, then no one knew that they came from where. Experts kept researching this for many years, even its scientific investigation started, but no clue was found. And even after many years passed, it remained a mystery.


After 13 years, the journalist Donovan Hohn began research on these floating bath ducks. To complete his research, he visited every place from where the news of these toys came. And finally, he also wrote a book on this whole sentence called "Moby-Duck".


Because these blooms were of rubber, so it became an environmental story that caught the attention of the world. Hohn himself did not expect that this research would be of such value.


Later, this company told the people that one of their cargo the ship was stuck in the high level of the sea, due to which it was bent to one side 60 degrees and due to the breaking of a container door, all these rubber The blooms were washed away in the sea.


These blooms have been found even after 15 years. The Yellow Duck was last seen on a beach in the UK in 2007.


As you can see in this picture, this cargo ship originated from Hong Kong was stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and from there, all these blooms traveled in different countries to different countries, traveling in different directions.


But there was an advantage in this that Oceanographer got a new map which shows the flow of seawater. And this map is called Ocean Currents Map.


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