Thursday, April 01, 2021

Important Questions and Answers for GK

Hello friends, today we have brought you the most important questions and answers, which will not only increase your knowledge but at the same time we will also tell you interesting facts.

After every question, you will also be given 5 seconds or you can stop the video and think of the answer to the question.

So let's start with our first question


Q1: Which country is called Chhota India i.e. Mini India?


Q2: Which country has the highest production of milk?


Q3: What is the exact speed of light?


Q4: What was the first website on the internet?


Q5: Why is one corner of the sim card cut off?


Q6: Which city of India is called an electronic city?


Q7: Why do the tires of all vehicles have a black color?


Q8: Which city of India is called the city of pearls?


Q9: Why is the color of school buses yellow?


Q10: Which city of India is known as Orange City?



A1: Mauritius is called Mini India because it has 75% of its population and agency mean 75% of its people are of Indian origin.


A2: The correct answer to this is India, although earlier America was number one, now America has gone to number two. There are 37 types of buffaloes found in India that give milk, but some of them are the breed that gives the most milk and due to them India has become the world's number one milk production country. And the names of these breeds are Sahiwal, Gair, Red Sindhi Tharparkar & Rathi. India produces 146.31 million tons every year while the US produces 93 points 5 million tons every year. Followed by China in the third position which produces 45 million tons, and our neighbor country at number four going to Pakistan to produce 42 million turns every year.


A3: 2,99,792 km/sec whereas people usually call it 3 lakh km/sec only.


A4: The first website on the Internet was published on 6 August 1991, it was published by Berners Lee, who was the son of a computer scientist and was born in 1955 and the same year Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born. At that time, Burners Lee used to work in a company CERN and he named this ( website after the company.

You can see this website even today and it is a very simple website.


A5: If the corner of the SIM card is not cut, then the SIM card is inserted into the phone in flipped position, and to overcome this problem, one corner of the SIM card is cut.


A6: Bengaluru is called the Electronic City because inside it, India's largest electronic IT industry Park is present which is spread over 800 acres.


A7: Because the chemicals are added to the tire to make it stronger and they are chemical carbon and sulfur. Now because the color of carbon is black, due to this, the color of the tires also becomes black and the black color gives the ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun reflects so that it lasts longer.


A8: Hyderabad is called Gopal City India, it is a city situated near the Mausi River, which is the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India.


A9: Because the yellow color is clearly visible from far away, which greatly reduces the chance of an accident.


A10: Nagpur is known as Orange City, which is in the state of Maharashtra in India, it is the thirteenth largest city in India by population and inside the Smart City Project, the city falls in the top 10. Nagpur has been given this status of Orange City in February 2016.

So friends, how you find the answer to this question, and how many questions should you give the answers to, you should definitely tell us by commenting and share this knowledge question with your friends as well.

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