Thursday, April 01, 2021

Family Picnic Spot: Sunder Nursery in Delhi

Today we are going to tell you about a picnic spot. If you live in Delhi and are thinking of having a small picnic, then we will tell you a place where it is very easy to reach and you can enjoy the whole day.

This place is a beautiful nursery whose renovation has been completed and it has been opened to the common people. It is also known as Azim Bagh and Bagh-E-Azim. And a considerable part of it is still under development. 

Talking about its future plan, it will become India's largest picnic park in the coming time, which will be spread over 900 acres.


This place is in the Nizamuddin area and if you want to reach hereby metro then you can go to Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium or Jangpura metro station by sitting in a battery rickshaw.


And if you go by bike or car then there is also a parking facility. So you will not have any problem. There is a charge of 25 rupees for bike parking for the full day and a charge of 100 rupees for car parking.


It is associated with Humayun Tomb and if you want to visit Humayun's Tomb, it has now opened after lockdown.


But before entering into the mausoleum, a picnic spot in the name of Sundar Nursery has opened.


To enter the nursery, first of all, you have to take the ticket from the ticket counter. You are seeing this entry slip. If you want, you can also book tickets online and go there and enter by showing bar code. Here you will be given 40 rupees for one ticket while for children there is a 20 rupees ticket. 

If you want to buy a beautiful nursery map (S N Map) then you will have to pay 20 rupees and extras. Inside this map, the beautiful nursery and different places inside it have photos and written about it. There is a lot of information inside it such as about the lake, about the flowers and birds here, and about the different structures here. You can see this map in the video at the end of this post. It remains like a small booklet.


You can also call it a family park as it is a great place to have a picnic with the family.


You can spend the whole day at this. If you want, you can also take all the food and drink from home. And if not, there is also a canteen near the lake from where you can buy food and eat it. Eating rates are higher than normal, which you can also see in this table. If you are going on weekends, then you may have to put a line to eat.


If the canteen food is not so tasty, then it is better that you take all the food and drink from your home.


There are also small mausoleums inside the park and you can do photoshoots, flower beds and tree plants where you can sit and relax. There is also a very beautiful lake inside the park where there are also fountains. Swings for children are also located near the lake, but big ones can also swing. It is a different matter that waiting for a little bit can be termed.


At the same time, there is plenty of space for doing small activities. If you do not have Bat Ball Allow, then do not take them.


Overall, to take photos and videos, to enjoy Full Day, to get-together with friends, to have a picnic spot, you will find a good picnic spot.


If you also get a chance to visit the beautiful nursery, then definitely go there once.

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