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Success Stories of IAS

Try till you are successful, it seems very easy to say and hear, but when it comes to applying, it takes a lot of courage.

IAS Success Story

There are so many candidates who attempt the civil services exams every year but only a few of them cleared the exam and interview. Another thing is that there is only limited seat to fill every year.

But there are only a few candidates who achieve this position and success after odd circumstances.

In today’s post, we are giving some examples of IAS successful story.


IAS Success Story 1 | Shivguru Prabhakaran

This is the story of Shivguru Prabhakaran who wanted to become an engineer but he had to leave Engineering counseling due to his family’s financial situation was not right.


But with his tireless hard work, he again earned a degree in M.Tech. from IIT Madras and got a rank of 101 in UPSC.


His father used to drink alcohol so that the responsibility of his family on his mother and sister. Shivguru said that when he did not get admission in engineering, then he too worked for some time to support himself in view of the financial situation of the house. He saved a few rupees for his expenses as well.

In 2008 by fulfilling his younger brother's dream of becoming an engineer and getting his elder sister married, he started his civil service preparation.


After coaching on weekends, Prabhakaran used to sleep at Saint Thomas railway station. And on weekends, he used to do his college in Vellore as well as work at a mobile shop for some income.

He passed the IIT M.Tech. Entrance exam and topped IITE in M.Tech. and cleared his 4th attempt of UPSC.

When there is a desire to do something, a person takes the road on his own. But don't be afraid to set a goal in your mind and work hard for it. Everyone works hard to get ahead in life.



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IAS Success Story 2 | Muhammad Ali Shihab

Muhammad Ali Shihab passed the civil services exam in 2011. He grew up in an orphanage. He was born in a very poor family in Edavannappara village near Kondotty. He helped his father sell baskets made of bamboo.

In 1919, he was sent to the orphanage on the very next day of his father's death.

In the night, he covers the bulb of the table lamp from the bedsheet so that his roommate does not face any problem.

He made a timetable for his studies, he used to sleep quickly after eating food and would wake up at night. His same passion made him an IAS officer



IAS Success Story 3 | Govind Jaiswal

Govind Jaiswal cleared the IAS Exam with 47 ranks in the first attempt.


Govind Jaiswal spent his childhood in a small house in Banaras. His father used to ride a rickshaw. He lived in a one-room house with his parents and 3 sisters. There was neither any education atmosphere nor facility in his house.


No one was educated in his house. To complete his studies, Govind started giving tuition from childhood. But by that time, he had not even thought of becoming an IAS.


One day, while playing with the children near his house, he went to one of the boy's houses. There the father of that boy said to Govind, "How dare you come to our house, no matter how much you study, you will only run a rickshaw. But if you want, you will increase your father's business a little bit and buy a rickshaw.”

Govind’s journey to becoming IAS started from here. On the same day, he thought that he had to do something that everyone should respect me and my family.

He did his schooling from a government school and the place where his house was. There was so much noise from the generator and the surrounding that Govind used to read cotton in his ear.

And he would read at night, but if there was no light at night, he would read in the street light. Govind’s father sold his land for his IAS preparation and Govind got Rs. 40,000 for preparation in Delhi.

And in his very first attempt, in the year 2006, 23-year-old Govind got the 48th rank among 474 successful people in the Civil Services Examination.



IAS Success Story 4 | Jai Ganesh

Jaiganesh was born into an ordinary family in Tamil Nadu. His father used to work in a factory. The financial condition of the house was not good. The monthly income of the father was just 4500 month. Jai Ganesha was the eldest among four brothers and sisters.


He did schooling up to 8th standard from the village school. After 10th, he took admission in polytechnic. Jai Ganesha was always very smart in studying and always came first in class. Polytechnic also passed with 91% marks. After that passed mechanical engineering in 2000.

Jaiganesh came to Bangalore in search of a job. And got a job with a monthly income of only 2500 rupees. While living here, he always thinks about the pity of the people of the villages. Then one day he made up his mind to become an IAS and left his job and came to his village.

His father always assisted him financially. In the first 2 attempts, Jaiganesha could not even clear the IAS Pre exam. But they did not give up. He then passed the entrance exam of Chennai government IAS coaching and joined it, where he got food and from the coaching side.

But after the exam was over, he had to leave the room. Then Jayaganesh worked as a clerk in a hotel, where sometimes he had to serve food. For 5 years, the IAS Pre Exam of Jaiganesh was also not cleared.

In the 6th attempt, he cleared the pre and main exams but failed to clear the interview.

Jaiganesh did not give up and gave the 8th and last attempt and achieved the 156th rank.


Jaiganesh did not give up hope and lived up to the dream he had dreamed of.



Friends, who do not stop with failure, they make history. The rest read the history. So, how did you like our effort in IAS success stories? If you liked IAS success stories, please share them on Facebook.

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