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Self Confidence Tips for Students

If you want to achieve success in your life then Self-confidence is a very important quality. 

A confident person does things in the right way. You can see this quality in every successful person like a film-star, a cricketer, someone in your neighborhood, or a teacher teaching you. 

This is one of the best qualities that exist in everyone, meanwhile, this is less in some people and more in other people. So you should increase your confidence level to achieve your goals and success in your life. So we are sharing some tips to increase self-confidence.


Self-confidence Tips

1. Do not be afraid to make mistakes:

All humankind makes mistakes because it is human nature. So you should not afraid of making mistakes. You learn new things and new experiences with every mistake. Making mistakes is not wrong but doing the same thing or repeating is wrong. And when you do not repeat the same mistakes again, you make an effort and learn something new from the experience that results from it.

Many times everything happens with us that we should have to do some work, but still, we are unable to confidently do that work for fear of failure. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Many people do not have the courage to try because of this fear. If you check the history of all the successful people or inventions, then many failures will be hidden in the glare of their success.

Don’t hesitate if you want to do something, whatever it is. Like stand up and ask questions, or if you want to present yourself in front of other people because a little courage always increases your confidence.


2. Repeat the things that decrease your confidence

Many people do not feel confident due to any particular reason. For example, some people have stage-fear, one becomes nervous in front of the opposite sex. 

If you are also facing such a challenge then face it and beat it. So the best way to beat your fear is to do the activity so many times that makes you nervous. This will become your strength. 

Know that even though some people may take this effort lightly in the beginning and maybe even joke, but when you are constantly engaged in your efforts, then those people will one day stand up for you.


3. Do what confident people do

You may have seen such people who are very confident. And you feel confident when you see them. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

So you have to see their activities and their way of work, way of talking, etc. And you can include some of their activities in your life. For example:

·       * Always sit in the front seat.

·       * Speak only positive things

·       * Do not speak in a louder voice

·       * Pay attention to the way you walk and you sit

·       * Make eye contact when speaking to someone.

·      * Asking questions, giving answers in class, seminars, and on other occasions


4. Improve your dressing sense

Good and impressive dressing sense effect on your confidence. For example, when you go for an interview then you dress up formally to look like a gentleman or gentlewoman. 

Another example when you go to attend any party or marriage. So dressing plays a very important role in your personality.

Let me tell you about my college time. Most of the students coming to college used to get their identity cards checked, but this never happened to me. Because even during college days I used to go in formal dress and nobody used to check my identity card. 

And secondly, while always coming to college, I used to smile as a gesture to the security guard, with which they started recognizing me.

I myself have realized this thing, when I am in my best attire then my confidence automatically increases, that is why whenever I have a presentation or interview, I prepare very well. 

Actually looking good gives you the confidence to face people and on the contrary, you are very conscious of dressing poorly.

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5. Make special preparations on special occasions

It’s a good time to prove yourself on special occasions so do not miss it. For example, you are going to participate in a debate, quiz, dancing or singing competition, going for a test or exam, or you are giving a presentation.

Image by ❤️ Remains Healthy ❤️ from Pixabay 

For every such opportunity, get involved with life and just make sure that you have not missed any preparation, now whatever the result, no one can raise a finger on you for your preparation.

Preparation and self-confidence is directly proportional. The better preparation will be the better self-confidence, and when you succeed because of this preparation, then this victory will become another chapter in the success story of your life.


6. Visualize that you are confident

Make your thinking strong so that you can find a way to become a reality. So think about yourself every day that you are a confident person. 

You can imagine anything, like are standing on a stage, giving a speech in front of thousands of people. Or you are giving a great presentation in a seminar hall that impressed all of them and you are praised on every side.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

When you visualize yourself confident then people are greeting you with applause.


7. Become special or expert in one thing

Multi-talented people are everywhere but this is not necessary to be multi-talented. If you are special or expert in doing one thing, that is enough. You can get your achievements by these special skills you have. Just find out your area of interest and special thing in yourself. And here your consistency matters.

Just like, when I was in 8th standard, I memorized the entire book of Science. And I was very confident because I know everything written in that book. I can answer any question from that book.

Nowadays I write blogs because I am confident that one day this blog will have good enough readers and it will become my good source of income.

You can choose any field of your interest like art craft, music, dancing, singing, teaching, sports, etc. So choose your field wisely and be the special one in that. This is not difficult, if you give consistent time to any field you will become better than others.

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8. See your previous achievements

Make your goals in steps and once you achieve your first step, you will feel more confident. It can be anything like competitions, completing subject topics, etc. Write down your goals and achievements in a diary so you can remember your achievements.

And once you achieve anything or complete your goals, enjoy it. This will make you feel good and positive.


9. Don't give an excuse for not knowing English for low confidence

In our country, many people don’t know English but languages do not decide your confidence. If you know Hindi, speak Hindi, and proud of it. Hindi is not an easy language other than English. 

So never regret not knowing English. This is not the parameter of your confidence and success. It is just a mode of communication to connect with the world. Japanese use their language, Chinese uses their language then why we are afraid of it.

So just chill, and make yourself confident.


10. Daily Complete Your “To-Do List”

Make your “To-Do List”. This will always help your target to achieve and complete. And this list will let you know, how much you have completed and what is remaining.

Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay 

This will increase your self-confidence and you will look at yourself as an achiever by completing the daily tasks. Because small tasks will lead you to a bigger victory. So make your TDL day wise and do it daily.


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