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Five Things You Should Not Do and Why?

Friends, we do many such things which are not good for our personal development. Although the list of these things can be very long, I am sharing only five such things with you to follow.


Maybe you have already practiced some of these things, but if you are able to do some add-ons from here, definitely it will improve your life. So, let's see those 5 things:


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


5 things you should not do and why?


1. To regret what has passed

Many people regret the mistakes they have done in their past. If something has happened to you in the past that makes you sad, then regret it once or twice. But do not regret it again and again.


Every mistake gives you experience not to do again. Take what you can learn from that incident and look forward. And don’t regret your mistakes in front of others. People don’t want to stay with such people and start getting cut off from it.


Everyone has their own problems and no one likes people who make life sad rather than happy. So think about yourself that what you have now and do it in the right way. If you think about your mistakes, again and again, you will make yourself sad. You are stuck in the past, and neither live this moment nor prepare yourself for the future.



2. Do not depend on others

Many people I have seen depend on others to do their important but simple work. Do not depend on any particular person. You should set your goal or task and it should be completed within the time limit. You can take the help of others but you should do your work alone.


By doing this, your confidence will increase. Such people who are self-sufficient in doing small tasks, always go ahead and overcome big challenges. And this became their habit to do things alone. It is important to finish the work rather than taking help from other persons.



3. Do not enjoy other's evil

We have been hearing from childhood that the third person should not do evil in front of each other. But one more thing which I feel is important is that if someone is doing evil of someone else then we should not take interest in him and he should not enjoy.


If you show interest in it, then you also attract negativity somewhere. It would be better if you stay away from such people. But if you feel compelled to stay together, then become deaf and dumb on such topics. The person in front of himself will calm down.


For example, if someone is making fun of someone and you do not laugh at him, then maybe he does not do this in front of you next time. Also, understand that generally, those who make fun of others in front of you will also make fun of you in front of others. Therefore it is only right to discourage such people.


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4. Focusing on what you don't want

We should focus on those things which we want in our life. We should focus on those things we don’t want. This will make your path clear and growing.


For example: If you want to increase your income, then think about new opportunities, rather than thinking about expenses and rising inflation. Increase your income by making new opportunities and new sources. This will resolve your expenses problem.



5. Comparing yourself with others

Sometimes we feel sad because of the happiness of others. You can call it a human defect or something else. But the truth is that the cause of so many sorrows is not our own grief, but the happiness of the other.


You try to rise above this because we see only the happiness of others but we do not see hard work or a person’s inner being.


Many times we compare to the achievement of others but we didn’t think hard work behind this. That is why we feel that the person in front is happier than us, but the reality is that such comparison has no meaning.


You just have to keep improving yourself and don't compare it with others.


Every person has their own capabilities and skills. And you have to identify yourself, your skills, your interest in work, and your capabilities.


You can still rise with the skills you have. Just you have to know yourself.




So Friends, Keep these 5 points in your mind and you will be able to grow faster on the path of self-improvement and make your life happier.

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