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Tips to Focus on Study for Students

As the exam gets closer, the same question remains in the minds of all the students that how to prepare for the exam. So that more and more marks come and good scores are made.


So today we have brought some study points for all of you so that you will get help to concentrate on your preparation. If you follow all these tips, you will succeed in your cause. And your score will also be very good.

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If you want, you can make flashcards of these tips and put them in your room.

Tips to Focus on Study

Tips 1. Make Daily Target

Create targets daily and complete those on the same day. Do not leave it over tomorrow. By doing this, your confidence will increase and you will also know how fast you can complete any task. This will also make it easier to manage time in the examination.

Tip 2. Make Easy Target

When you create your target, make easy targets in the beginning. Do not make so high targets that you cannot do. As soon as you achieve these targets, in the same way, increase the level of your targets. This will also increase your confidence level and improve your study.

Tip 3. Study Subject Wise

Do not focus on a single subject. And neither should read a subject for long. Do not give more than 2 hours to a subject and keep changing the subject. Because reading a single subject continue will leave the remaining subjects.

Tip 4. Write Important Points

While reading, make important points and headings. This will make it very easy to revise and will also save a lot of time during your revision.

Tip 5. Revise Daily and Weekly

If you do not revise, then after some time you start forgetting your content you have read earlier. Therefore it is important to revise your created headings and important points. Make it a habit to revise this daily and weekly. If necessary, revise again after one month.

Tips 6. Feel comfort while Study

While reading, sit in a place where you do not have any difficulty in reading. Always sit during the study. Do not study in Bed otherwise, your focus on the study is reduced.

Tips 7. Don’t study when Tired

When tired or upset due to any reason, do some rest. And do not study at all. When the mind is completely fresh, then sit for reading. Do not try to read forcefully, nor put too much emphasis on your mind.

Tips 8. Make Daily Routine

Make your routine and study according to the routine. And keep this routine from the beginning. With this, you will not have to take stress during exam time.

Tips 9. Study Place

Use your reading space only for studies, not for any other work. Therefore, make such a fixed place for your reading where you can sit and read easily and there is no disturbance. Such as the sound of the TV, the noise outside, the sound of vehicles, etc.

Tip 10. Best Revision Time

The best time to revise is before sleeping at night. Therefore, use your night time for revision before sleeping. Wake up in the morning and try to learn something new.

Best Time Routine for Students
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Best Time to Study

4:00 AM to 6:00 AM

Brain Function 100%

6:00 AM to 7:30 PM

Brain Function 50%


Brain Function 20%

Brain Oxygen Level


60% - 80%


30% - 40%


30% - 40%

Night Sleep


6 Hours


8 Hours

For more oxygen to the Brain, do the following things:
1.     Do breathing exercises in the morning & evening for at least 20 minutes every day.
2.     Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
3.     Do regular prayers.
4.     Have a balanced diet.

Think Yourself

The best time to revise is before sleeping at night. Therefore, use your night time for revision before sleeping. Wake up in the morning and try to learn something new. 

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Some things are activities that you will have to think about yourself because they are directly related to you and depend on you. 

1. How much time do you spend on your mobile?
2. How much time do you waste on social sites?
3. How much time do you spend with a friend?
4. How well do you use your time?
5. Are your preparations going well?
6. Are you able to meet your daily target?
7. Are you exercising daily?
8. Are you able to manage your time properly?
9. Is your study plan completely successful?
10. Can you see yourself growing like a success?

You have to think about all these things yourself and make the right decision. Your right decision will lead you to success.

Be self-confident and help others as well. Do not forget to share this post with your friends and on social media.

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