Tuesday, February 18, 2020

How to do Self Study at Home

How to do Self Study at Home

Hi Friends, today we are here to give some tips and points that how you can do exam preparation at home without going anywhere or any Tuition center.

We very well know this is exam time for everyone whether they school children or college students or preparing for competitive exams.

So whatever level is yours, you can apply these tips for all level examinations or study. So by using these tips, you can do very good preparation.

First, don’t pressurize your brain thinking that how you will do exam preparation. Every student thinks about this but few of them think that How they can do exam preparation.

So instead of thinking about how you will do, just think about how you can do it. And make your mind and start doing your preparation.

We are sharing preparation tips you can apply in your self-study and you can make a good score in examinations.

Tips to do Self Study for Examination

1. Study Hours: First and the compulsory thing is to decide your study hours. You have to study 3-5 hours on daily basis. Whatever other things you are doing but you have to make yourself free for these hours. If you start this thing today, definitely after one month you will find something change in yourself and your preparation.
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2. Know you Syllabus: This is a very important point when you do study. First thing you should know about your syllabus. Many students are not clear about their syllabus. They are just doing preparation with random topics. In this situation, they will never know how much they have prepared.

3. Arrange Study Notes: Make an arrangement of notes whatever the source is. Choose the language of the notes wisely. If you feel good in Hindi then arrange in the Hindi language so will never get a problem in understanding the concept and learning.

4. Arrangement as per Syllabus: The best thing is to make arrangements of notes according to the syllabus. And tick marks the topics in the syllabus sheet which notes you have arranged and which are pending.

5. Summary of Notes: Make a summary of all your notes with proper headings and sub-headings. This will definitely save your time on the examination days when you will revise.

6. Index Subject-Wise: Index is very important. Make a file for every subject note, then headings n sub-headings. And above all this, make an index so you can easily reach the content you want to read.

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7. Notes Shelf: If you have a shelf in your home then it is good to put your notes separately easily. This is good practice to arrange your study material subject-wise or content-wise.

8. Notes Pocket Diary: Keep a small pocket diary with you. And note down every heading you have learned and completed. Also, note down the next topics that you have to prepare. So you will always aware of where you are, what you have learned, and what to learn next.

9. Weekly Revision: Do your revisions on weekly basis. This will keep your learned things memorable and up-to-date. You can revise your topics by headings and sub-headings. If you feel something forgettable then read the topic again.

10. Solve Previous Papers: Arrange the previous year’s questions paper and solve every week one paper. This will let you know about your strength and you will get to know how many questions you can solve at a specific time. This will also enhance your time limit.

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11. Tick your Preparation: When your topics are completed and learned, just tick them in your index and also write in your pocket diary. This will keep you updated on how much you have prepared. And you can plan accordingly.

So, these are the tips you can apply in your self-study, and I am sure you will get a better result in your examinations.

If you have any other idea related to self-study, you can write in the comment box. And we will surely add that point in this post.

We wish for your success and a better future. All the best J.


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