Tuesday, February 04, 2020

GK Science & History 6,7,8 Class

In this post, we have brought for you 557 questions of GK. These questions and answers have been taken from the Science and History book of classes 6, 7, and 8.

For your ease, we have also made a PDF book, which you can download. The download link will be found at the end of the post


These are very basic and easy question answers that can come in all kinds of exams. These will also improve your general knowledge.


The questions answers are on two topics: 1. Science, 2. History. Total is 200 questions in Science and 357 questions in the history


These questions are very basic questions that everyone should know because such questions often come in competitive examinations.

Bharat Ratna Award - All Important Facts

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All of you must read this PDF book and also share it with your other colleagues.


In this PDF book, all kinds of questions and answers are included such as who discovered what, from the discovery of airplanes to making needles. About individual crops, about antibiotics, from solar systems to microbes.


You must revise this PDF at least 5 times. And do revise once every month. This will make your GK very good.

Study Tips for Students in Exam Days

These GK questions can be used in all your exams, whether it is for the teaching profession, for railway board, for NTPC, for SSC, for UPSC, or any other exam.


General knowledge helps a lot in making your result score.


We work hard to prepare the material in PDF so that you people can directly benefit from it. And for those who are unable to arrange notes, absolutely free PDF notes are available on our site.


All you have to do is keep visiting our website from time to time so that you get all the updates.


PDF Details with Download Link


General Awareness - General Knowledge


GK Science & History 6,7,8 Class - Hindi - GKGyan


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557 (Science:200,  History: 357)

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