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General Knowledge 5000 Questions

Friends, in today's post, we have brought for you the PDF of General Knowledge. Within which the questions of 5000 General Knowledge are answered. And question answers have been included on different subjects.

If you read this book completely then your score in the competition exam will be very good. Because all these questions and answers are such that they are often asked in competitive examinations.


The second thing is that you can also download it, it is absolutely free. And whenever you want, you can read it and revise it.


Do share this PDF with all your friends too. Because there are many students who do not have any study material. In such a situation, you can help them.


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 This PDF book contains below topics:



 Pole science





How to remember and answer so many questions?

We also tell you a very easy way to remember. You have to read only 5 pages every day and remember them. That is, on the first day you have to read and remember page numbers 1 to 5 only.

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You have to read every page 5 times, all your questions and answers will be remembered very well.


The next day, you first revise 1 to 5 pages, which you had remembered on the last day. And after that, the next 5 pages are to be remembered. That is, on the second day, you have to remember pages number 6 to 10.


In the same way, you do another day also, revise page number 6 to 10 and then remember page number 11 to 15.


Do this from Monday to Saturday for 6 days. In this way, you will remember the 30 pages or 600 general knowledge questions and answers in a week.


On Sunday revise only for these 30 pages you have remembered in the whole week.


Then repeat the same from Monday. In this way very soon you will remember 5000 questions of General Knowledge.


By studying this way, you will not feel any burden and your GK will be very good.


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Calendar Table

If you want, you can also make calendars according to this for yourself. This will also make it very easy for you to remember which pages you have to read and remember.


This PDF book has been prepared in such a way that all the topics are covered on a single page. So that you keep your interest and you keep learning all the topics.


You can also read this PDF book online and if you want to download it, you can also download it. This is a completely free pdf book.

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General Awareness - GK Questions


General Knowledge in Hindi 5000 Questions


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250 Pages

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500 Questions and Answers

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