Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Best Books for CTET Exam Preparation

Friends, in this post, we are going to tell you to prepare for the CTET Exam Best Books.


So first of all you fill the CTET form online and after that start preparing.


PDF Notes

By the way, you will also get a lot of PDF notes on our site, but if you want to prepare from Books, then we will tell you about some selective books so you can score 100+ very easily.


There are many different books available in the market by different writers. So candidates often confused about which is best for preparation for CTET Examination.



Preparation Plan

So you can buy different writer’s books for a specific subject. We will suggest to you some books to prepare for the CTET exam.


To prepare, also read these "Study Tips for Students in Exam Days" once. With this, you will get a lot of help in making time management and preparation plans.


Another important thing that you need to know about CTET Syllabus. Which topics you have to prepare. You can also download a PDF of the syllabus.


We have also posted a PDF of the Syllabus in Hindi and English for you.


Apart from this, we have prepared some very Important Notes for CTET in a PDF file for you, with the help of which you can increase your score. You can also download our PDF notes and read them anytime.


The following are your subjects according to the subject:

 These are for CTET Paper-I


S. No.


Total Marks


Child development & Pedagogy

30 Marks


Language - 1

30 Marks


Language - 2

30 Marks



30 Marks


Environmental Studies

30 Marks

Total Marks





Child Development and Pedagogy

You can take the book "Saroha Publication" for child development and teaching. You can learn more from this book in a very short time.



For Language-I (Hindi), you can buy Arihant's book "Hindi Language and Education".



For Language-II (English), one can take objective English of "Disha Publication" or "KD Publication" that is "Plinth To Paramount". This will also work in your other exams. In this, you can also see videos of English Preparation of "Dear Sir".



You can take the help of the YouTube channel "DearSir" for Mathematics. The special thing about this channel is that along with the short tricks, you will also get to learn the concepts of Mathematics. You will also benefit from the other competitive exam.


Environmental Studies (EVS)

For environmental studies also you can buy Arihant's EVS book.


Important Notes for CTET Paper-1 EVS PDF in Hindi


Even after preparing all this, if you have time left, then in that remaining time you just have to do revision and practice with the previous year’s papers and test papers.


The names of these books Mr. Faizan, who has cleared 5 teaching exams of DSSSB and is now teaching in the school as a Special Educator.