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GK Questions - Who Discovered and Invented

We are sharing very important GK questions about "Who Discovered and Invented". For all competitive exams, we share notes and GK questions in PDF files on our website regularly. You can download our all PDFs for free. 

We use many things in our daily life like mobile calculators, the internet, Facebook, etc. But do you know who discovered all these things and when?

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If not, we will tell you. This will increase your knowledge as well and this knowledge will also work in competitive examinations.

You can download PDF from our website and share our PDF with other needy people as well.

We have compiled easy but very important questions answers in this PDF. After reading this PDF, you will feel it interesting.

In every competition from LDC to a higher post, you should know these facts of inventions and discovery. This will enhance your knowledge as well as your preparations.

For examples, some questions are below:

Who discovered 0?

Who discovered Neutron?

Who discovered Platinum?

Who discovered the Internet?

Who discovered Black-Hole in Universe?

Who discovered Bacteria?

Who discovered Dynamite?

There are many questions that are related to our life, but often we are not interested in knowing these questions.
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We need answers to these questions when we prepare for a competition exam. Then all these questions become very important for us.

Discovery is an endless process and it makes human being always curious about new things. 

The human being is discovering things for thousands of years. And it still continues.

Some of these inventions changed human life forever and some changed the way we live.

So you can download the PDF of some such questions and answers from the link given below:

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