Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Tips and Strategies For IBPS-PO/MT-V- Main Examination

The most awaited tips and strategies for sure success in IBPS PO Mains

Have a clear idea about the expected breakup of the questions and the difficulty level. Read the questions completely, and avoid risk, and guesswork.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • The questions can be categorised as scoring and time-consuming questions. Attempt scoring and easy questions first.
  • Be well-versed with all the required formulas and short tricks. 
  • Practise effective time management and allocation so as to attempt maximum questions accurately.


  • Have a clear understanding about the terms such as assumption, inference, conclusion, etc. 
  • Reading newspapers and listening to debates on television work wonders in improving your skill of logical reasoning.
  • Beware of closely related options. Try the elimination technique.


  • This section must be attempted first as it does not include calculations, reasoning skills. 
  • Read newspaper daily (especially editorial, opinion, perspective) for developing the skills of reading and comprehending. 
  • The expertise can be gained in ‘reading comprehension’, grammar and vocabulary-based questions by just reading and practising the mock tests for time management.

General awareness
  • Develop an interest in reading English newspapers as well as e-news published on our website.
  • Read the current affairs quiz that is daily updated on our website.
  • Be aware of the terms related to banking, economics, finance, politics, and sports.


  • The computer quiz is published on our website on daily basis. The questions of the quiz have been well-researched by our team.
  • Keep a note of all the questions and try to understand the how-and-why of all the answers. 
  • Guess work is a big NO.