Friday, 10 July 2015

Important days / dates - National and International - India and World Round the year calender

 In many competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, SBI, RBI etc., the questions related to days are asked. This list of important days will let you know what that day is for. This list will help you clear the questions related to what is on that day. In the general awareness section of these exams, at least one question is definitely asked on important dates / days.
So in order to prepare better, you need to remember this list of important dates / days of the year. This list will help you learn about important days of both National and International i.e. India and World.

January 9
Pravasiya Bharatiya Divas
January 12
National Youth Day
January 15
Army Day
January 25
Tourism Day
January 26
Republic Day
January 30
Martyrs' Day
February 28
National Science Day
March 3
National Defence Day
March 4
National Security Day
March 16
National Vaccination Day
April 5
National Maritime Day
May 11
National Technology Day
July 26
Kargil Victory Day
August 9
Quit India Day
August 15
Independence Day
August 20
Sadbhavna Divas
August 29
National Sports Day
September 5
Teachers' Day; Sanskrit Day
October 2
Gandhi Jayanthi
October 8
Indian Air Force Day
October 10
National Postal Day
November 14
Children’s Day
November 26
Law Day
December 4
Navy Day
December 7
Flag Day
December 18
Minorities Rights Day
December 14
National Energy Conservation Day
December 23
Farmers Day

January 10
World Laughter Day
January 26
International Customs Day
January 30
World Leprosy Eradication Day
March 8
International Women’s Day; International Literacy Day
March 15
World Disabled Day; World Consumer Rights Day
March 19
World Disabled Day
March 21
World Forestry Day; International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
March 22
World Day for Water
March 23
World Meteorological Day
March 24
World TB Day
April 7
World Health Day
April 17
World Haemophilia Day
April 18
World Heritage Day
April 22
Earth Day
April 23
World Book and Copyright Day
May 1
International Labour Day
May 3
Press Freedom Day, International Energy Day
May 8
World Red Cross Day
May 12
International Nurses Day
May 15
International Day of the Family
May 17
World Telecom Day
May 24
Commonwealth Day
May 31
Anti-tobacco Day
June 5
World Environment Day
July 1
Doctor's Day
July 11
World Population Day
August 6
Hiroshima Day
August 9
Nagasaki Day
August 12
International Youth Day
August 19
World Photography Day
September 8
World Literary Day
September 15
International Day of Democracy
September 16
World Ozone Day
September 26
Day of the Deaf
September 27
World Tourism Day
October 1
International Day for the Elderly
October 2
International Non-violence Day; World Wetlands Day
October 3
World Habitat Day
October 4
World Animal Welfare Day
October 9
World Postal Day
October 10
World Mental Health Day
October 12
World Sight Day
October 16
World Food Day
October 17
International Poverty Eradication Day
October 24
United Nations Day
October 30
World Thrift Day
November 14
Diabetes Day
December 1
World AIDS Day
December 10
Human Rights Day
December 11

Important days