Saturday, 20 June 2015

Banking awareness structure of banking in India part 1

Banking Awareness: Structure of Banking in India Part-1

  1. What is the share of the Foreign Banks in the branch network in India?
  2. Less than 1 %
    Around 6%
    Around 5%
    Around 3%

  3. Nainital Bank is a subsidiary of which of the following banks?
  4. Bank of Baroda
    Allahabad Bank
    Bank of India
    Union Bank

  5. Which of the following bodies regulates the Regional Rural Banks?
    State Government
    Department of Rural Development

  7. For the regional rural banks, which among the following is the correct share of Central, State and
  8. 50%, 35%, 15%
    50%, 40%, 10%
    40%, 50%, 10%
    50%, 15%, 35%

  9. In which year, Cooperative Societies Act was enacted?
  10. 1910

  11. The owners of the cooperative bank are also its __:
  12. Debtors
    All of above

  13. Which of the following rural cooperatives in India work at village or grassroots level?
  14. District Central Cooperative Banks
    State Cooperative Banks
    Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
    Primary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks (PCARDBS)

  15. In the constitution of India, ‘Cooperatives’ come under which among the following in the seventh schedule?
  16. Union List
    Concurrent List
    State List
    None of them

  17. In which country, the Unit Banking System originated?
  18. France
    United States
    United Kingdom

  19. Bank branches are established under which section of Banking Regulations Act, 1949?
  20. Section 10
    Section 20
    Section 23
    Section 22