Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ga Questions for month of March 2015

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[1] Which of the following banks launched India's first Digital Bank on mobile phones? 
C: State Bank of India 
D: Axis Bank

Ans - B: ICICI

[2] Diptosh Majumdar died recently. He was a veteran in which field: 
A: Cartoon Making 
B: Acting 
C: Journalism 
D: None of the above

Ans - C: Journalism

[3] India based Neutrino Observatory (INO)is being setup at which place 
A: Mysore 
B: Palakkad 
C: Theni 
D: Kochi 

Ans - C: Theni

[4] "Maritime Silk Road" initiative has been launched by which country 
A: Sri Lanka 
B: Nepal 
C: India 
D: China 

Ans - D: China

[5] Rajinder Puri passed away recently. He was a famous: 
A: Cartoonist 
B: Film Maker 
C: Singer 
D: Music Composer

Ans - A: Cartoonist

[6] Who amongst the following persons was famously known as "Telangana Gandhi"? 
A: Mari Chenna Reddy 
B: Bhupathy Krishna Murthy 
C: Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao 
D: N. T. Ramarao

Ans - B: Bhupathy Krishna Murthy

[7] Which of the following Indian states emerged the best amongs all the states at the recently concluded 35th National Games? 
A: Haryana 
B: Maharashtra 
C: Kerala 
D: Punjab 

Ans - C: Kerala

[8] Which Indian telecom operator tied up with UNICEF to provide free education in Africa: 
A: Bharti Airtel 
B: Idea Cellular Ltd 
C: Uninor Teleservices 
D: None of the above

Ans - A: Bharti Airtel

[9] The 5th India- Myanmar Joint Trade Committee (JTC) meeting was held in: 
A: Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar 
B: New Delhi, India 
C: Bangalore, India 
D: Pathein, Myanmar 

Ans - A: Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

[10] What is the objective behind the launch of e-Biz portal? 
A: To create an appropriate tax infrastructure in the country 
B: To facilitate NRI's contribution towards investment in businesses in India 
C: To promote transparency and ease of doing business in the country 
D: None of the above

Ans - C: To promote transparency and ease of doing business in the country