Thursday, 26 February 2015

General Awareness Questions for SSC

[1] Airport Council International (ACI) that ranked Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport of Delhi as the world’s most performing airports is based out of which city: 
A: Geneva 
B: Paris 
C: Stockholm 
D: Berlin 
Ans - A: Geneva

[2] PM Narendra Modi's monogrammed suit fetched a record price at the auction. It was bought by: 
A: Lalji Patel and Hitesh Patel 
B: Teesta Setalvad 
C: Gautam Adani 
D: None of the above 
Ans - A: Lalji Patel and Hitesh Patel

[3] Who amongst the following has been appointed as the new Sri Lanka Army chief? 
A: Maithripala Sirisena 
B: Champika Ranawaka 
C: hrishantha de Silva 
D: Sarath Fonseka
Ans - B: Champika Ranawaka

[4] Who amongst the following Indian-American scientists recently won the American Chemical Society award 2015? 
A: Purnendu Dasgupta 
B: Gurpreet Singh 
C: Srikanth Jagabathula 
D: None of the above
Ans - A: Purnendu Dasgupta

[5] Which amonsgst the following films has won the 87th Academy Awards (Oscars 2015) for Best Picture 
A: The Theory of Everything 
B: Boyhood 
C: Selma 
D: Birdman
Ans - D: Birdman

[6] Adya Sharma has died recently, she was known for 
A: Environment Activist 
B: Women Rights 
C: Mobile Theatre 
D: RTI Activist 
Ans - C: Mobile Theatre

[7] Nitish Kumar was recently sworn in as the CM of Bihar. In terms of the number of stints at the office, how many times has he been made CM of Bihar before the current appointment: 
A: 1 
B: 2 
C: 3 
D: 4
Ans - C: 3

[8] World Innovation Summit for Health(WISH) 2015 held in which country 
A: Japan 
B: Qatar 
C: France 
D: India 
Ans - B: Qatar

[9] Which among the following state has won Krishi Karman Award 2013-14 for record Grain production 
A: Odisha 
B: Uttar Pradesh 
C: Haryana 
D: Punjab 

Ans - D: Punjab